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A blue turn for Humankind.
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Blueturn provides a unique, intimate and interactive experience of the Whole Earth in rotation captured from outer space. We want to spread this view across all possible screens and enable the next stage of planetary consciousness. Blueturn is using the daily images taken by the NASA/DSCOVR satellite, located 1.5 million kilometers away from the Earth, to build the most recent and beautiful view of the rotating Whole Earth.

Learn about the Blueturn project.

Blueturn TEDx. English and spanish subtitles are available for this video.

Most astronauts in orbit have experienced a profound love for the Earth and a deep feeling of oneness that transformed their life. It is called the Overview Effect. With Blueturn we can all experience this feeling.


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Touch. Explore. Listen. Breathe.

The Blueturn app proposes to experience the Whole Earth in a novel way through its touch screen interface. For the first time, you will have the real Earth at your fingerprints in your pocket and on your desktop.

Images in the app have been captured by the NASA/DSCOVR mission located on the Lagrangian point L1, one milion miles away from our home. Our Blueturn technology shows you the latest images of the Earth seen from outer space. The Blueturn app puts these images – unique in human history – into (e)motion to trigger the next stage of platenary awareness.

 If you love technical details, we recommend to go through our Frequently Asked Questions.

Phone / Tablet apps

The Blueturn app can be downloaded on Google Play Store or on App Store for free.

Web app on your PC / Mac

Click to download Blueturn App on your Android mobile/tablet device
Click to download Blueturn App on your Apple mobile/tablet device
Web App

You can find below our video tutorial for the Blueturn Earth Player App.

Blueturn app – Video Tutorial


Vimeo logo

On our Vimeo Blueturn page, you can watch and download for free all the HD videos of the rotating Whole Earth that Blueturn has produced. You can select HD resolution that can fit with the largest screens (HD TV, movie theathers, outdoor events…). You can use all our videos under Creative Commons licence (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) and embed them into any artistic, educational or meditative projects. If you have a specific request for your event (speed, date, format, duration…), please contact us.


Blueturn projects

The astronauts of Apollo 17 did not know what the Blue Marble image would trigger. We don’t know neither. The Blueturn images are yours, their destinity is yours. We provide the basic materials that can enable projects of new kind fostering planetary awareness. In particular, we believe that  educational, artistic and meditation projects are key to maximize the reach of the Whole Earth experience. If you want to do a project drop us a line and send us some pictures of your events ! Following projects have already taken place.


Super Heroes

The Blueturn project is collective. All help is welcome to make this experience better and these images more broadly available. Please us the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We develop this project during our free (night) time and all Blueturn productions (based on NASA public domain images) are freely available under Creative Commons licences.

If you have some free time as well, we are in particular interested :

  • IT software :
    • knowledge of the Unity development framework (Android, iOS, WebGL, HD TV, Virtual Reality) in order to make our upcoming app available on all types of devices
    • automation of testing with advanced tools (Google Cloud test lab…) to improve our robustness and availability
  • IT server : knowledge of the Server side to create automation of image retrieval (Amazon Cloud services), load balancing and scalibility, scripting for automated push of images to social networks accounts (Vimeo, Twitter, YouTube,  Instagram…)
  • UX: knowledge on application user experience methodologies will help Blueturn design the most intuitive and esthetic user experience on our upcoming app

But also, some non-IT related tasks :

  • Legal : knowledge of the Creative Commons license
  • Communication / Marketing : expertise in logo, motion design, animations, web design (WordPress / Divi framework)
  • Social networks : if you are an expert in creating buzz on social networks and have ideas on how to bring Blueturn images to a larger audience, we are interested!
  • Translation : translating the Blueturn website, applications and tools in other languages (Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, …)
  • Projects : we want to promote usage of NASA and Blueturn images in education, meditation and art, in order to make the overview effect broadly accessible and initiate the next wave of planetary consciousness

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